SuperRuler Free Version

SuperRuler Free Version 5.0

Measure all sorts of objects with this free version of SuperRuler

The most powerful ruler in your pocket pc. It can not only measure both centimetres and inches, but also measure angles easily. It can even measure a tree or a mountain on less than 10 senconds!

Features of SuperRuler Free include:

  • Measure both CM and inches
  • Two methods for measuring angles
  • Low memory neededConly 200k bytes required
  • Green software, you need not install it, just copy it to anywhere and run
  • Perfectly supports QVGA(320x240),VGA(640x480)Cand Real VGA
  • Supports Windows mobile 2003 and Windows mobile 2003 SE
  • Supports Landscape and Portrait mode
  • Auto calibration to fit any screen size

A small but useful tool for your Pocket PC.

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SuperRuler Free Version


SuperRuler Free Version 5.0

User reviews about SuperRuler Free Version

  • cchiang12

    by cchiang12

    "Not so super"

    Super Ruler is a neat program where you don't have to carry a real ruler around all day long. Just turn on your pda,...   More.